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Olaplex is going to make your hair stronger, healthier, and your color will last longer. Our professional team will mix the Bond Multiplier No.1 directly into your color and then apply the No.2 Bond Perfector before we shampoo. We strongly recommend that you take a bottle of the No.3 Take Home Hair Perfector that is part of this professional service that you'll use once a week. It will make a huge difference in the health of your hair. This service is for all types of hair and isn't just limited to clients that color their hair. It can be used with straight hair, natural curly hair, permanent textured hair, keratin treatments and those who have virgin hair. Ask your stylist today about what the new craze is about!

ColorProof utilizes a unique product development process that allows it to deliver best in class products, with the highest quality and newest ingredient technology for maximum color protection and hair that’s shiny, beautiful, vibrant, healthy and instantly youthful-looking. 

The process starts by determining the desired performance and then selecting the very finest ingredients to deliver that performance, not limited by price. This is very different than most manufacturers who conceive a product in terms of its price point first, which limits the quality of ingredients that can be used. Products are not released until they are proven to exceed the      performance of any other product in their category.

Color Lover is a HIGHLY PROTECTIVE line of shampoos and conditioners, formulated to combat fading and to prolong cosmetic coloring, DEEPLY MOISTURIZING, to keep the hair soft, shiny and radiant, EFFECTIVELY SPECIFIC to give the best result on every type of color-treated hair: fine (Color Lover Volumizing), coarse (Color Lover Nourishing), curly (Color Lover Disciplining) or straight (Color Lover Illuminating).

Color Lover contains mineral-rich cereal extracts, vitamins and antioxidant enzymes of biotechnological origin for an unfailingly perfect result on the various hair textures.

To complete the Color Lover range, pre-styling Hair Primer 11, which removes imperfections and bestows no fewer than eleven benefits, first and foremost color protection.

BY - Be You is the styling and finishing line that enhances a hairstylist's craft and gives each client a truly personal style.

BY is the perfect synthesis of an Italian style concept, with its roots in the international success of its designers and modern functionality demanding a rapid approach to fashion and change with results that are always excellent.

Last generation raw materials and a Urban Style fragrance give you a unique experience to be lived in the salon first, then at home. Paraben-free formulas guarantee products in line with current consumer requests.